Gent - 49e Flanders Dog Show - Saturday Belgium


# Class Name Owner(s)
1 Champion  Cash-Uschi V/d Vanenblikhoeve 145
Bouvier des Flandres
NL Bruintjes, Hennie
2 Open  Sem Di Casa Cleo 825
Romagna Water Dog
NL Van Gemert, Katrien
3 Champion  Minidogland Take After Sun 466
Dachshund Miniature, smooth-haired
NL Meier, Philippe

Best in Show Minor Puppy

# Name Owner(s)
1  No Divas Double Down In Las Vegas 498
Alaskan Malamute
BE Rooms-de Wilde, Tom - Whitney
2  Rianthé Wieske The Dutch Jacks 383
Jack Russell Terrier
BE Theunissen-Dijcks, Leon
3  Victor Victoria's Reine Colette 746
Labrador Retriever
BE Spriet, Eva

Best in Show Puppy

# Name Owner(s)
1  Slottblommans Viking Ragnar Lodbrok 290
BE Bauwens-roobrouck, Carine-bart
2  Romy Of The Loving Dols 872
Chinese Crested Dog, Hairless
BE Van Droogenbroeck, Sonja
3  Rio Du Bois Rosine 472
Dachshund Miniature, wire-haired
BE Rahier, Patricia

Best in Show Junior

# Name Owner(s)
1  Princ Iz Solnechnogo Lartsa 537
NL De Vries- den Breejen, Karin
2  Dolores De Panza Vitoraz 475
Dachshund Miniature, wire-haired
NL Van Den Broek, Andre
3  Corimist The Sun King 56
Bearded Collie
FR Strzelczyk, Margot

Best in Show Veteran

# Name Owner(s)
1  Moondust Tornado 772
Golden Retriever
NL Sondervan, Melanie
2  Pajkos 688
Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer (Vizsla)
BE Everaert, Yani
3  Rough Wroughts Protoporos 390
Cairn Terrier
BE Vlieghe, Anne - Marie

Best in Show Couple

# Dogs Owner(s)
A Gift For Life From RoBi's House 376
Absolutely Beauty From RoBi's House 377
Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
NL Van Leent, Bianca
Vivaldi Vd Pacific Paradise 884
Dreamcatcher Vd Pacific Paradise 886
Lhasa Apso
NL Geraerts, J.m.
Naruto Go Hiromitsu 560
Q'Sachi Go Toshiro 561
BE De Geest, Roni

Best in Show Group

# Dogs Owner(s)
Dico 446
Little Red Devil's Radijsje 450
Little Red Devil's Qracotte 452
Dachshund Standard, smooth-haired
BE De Muynck, Lotte
Kaimon Gerheil Beloved Keeper 890
Royal Beauty From Corinty's Home 893
Harshina Pul-I-Khumri 894
Tibetan Spaniel
BE Wittevrouw, shana