13/06/2020 - 14/06/2020  
Baltic sennenhund winner 2020 & Club winner 2020 - Swiss Mountain dog Specialties Lithuania

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Šiemet paroda "Baltijos zenenhundų nugalėtojas" bus organizuojama Lietuvoje. Taigi 2020 m. birželio mėn. 13-14 dienomis kviečiame net į dvi klubo specializuotas parodas – "Baltijos zenenhundų nugalėtojas 2020" ir "Klubo nugalėtojas 2020"! 


DALYVAUJANTIEMS ABIEJOSE PARODOSE, TAIKOME REGISTRACIJOS MOKESČIO NUOLAIDĄ! Norėdami pasinaudoti nuolaida, pažymėkite registraciją į abi parodas.


*ŠZMK klubo nariams bus taikoma pirmoji kaina iki pat registracijos pabaigos. Norintys pasinaudoti nuolaidos kodu, suteikiančiu teisę registruotis pirmine kaina, prašome rašyti [email protected] Jums nuolaidos kodas bus išsiųstas asmeniškai elektroniniu paštu.

This year's dog show "
Baltic sennenhund winner 2020" will be organized in Lithuania! So we would like to invite you to be a part of two club shows on the 13-14th of June – "Baltic Sennenhund Winner 2020" and "Club winner 2020".

FOR THOSE WHO WOULD LIKE TO TAKE PART IN BOTH SHOWS, WE WILL MAKE DISCOUNT ON THE REGISTRATION FEE! If you would like to have this discount, please choose the registration option for both shows



Parodos "Baltijos zenenhundų nugalėtojas 2020" teisėjai:

-       ANDREA MARET (ŠVEICARIJA) – Berno zenenhundai, Didieji šveicarų zenenhundai, Apencelio zenenhundai.

-       VYTAUTAS BARANAUSKAS (LIETUVA) – Entlebucho zenenhundai


Parodos "Klubo nugalėtojas 2020" teisėja

- DAINORA SUDEIKIENĖ (LIETUVA) - Berno zenenhundai, Didieji šveicarų zenenhundai, Apencelio zenenhundai, Entlebucho zenenhundai.


Judges of the show "Baltic Sennenhund Winner 2020":

-       ANDREA MARET (SWITZERLAND) – Berner Sennenhund, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Appenzeller Sennenhund.

-       VYTAUTAS BARANAUSKAS (LITHUANIA) – Entlebucher Sennenhund


Judge of the show "Club winner 2020":

- DAINORA SUDEIKIENĖ (LITHUANIA) - Berner Sennenhund, Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Appenzeller Sennenhund, Entlebucher Sennenhund.





Together with my husband Christophe, I’ve been breeding Bernese Mountain dogs under the kennel name “de Marais Champagne” since 1999. Our goal is to improve the breed in health and in structure.   We bred several show champions, but also therapy dogs.  For the past 16 years, I have taken my dogs into schools every week as part of the Prevent a Bite program to teach kids the correct behavior and how to interact with dogs.  We have been successful in regularly producing the club champion winner – a dog who makes the most points on all shows in Switzerland during one (1) year.  During the last Swiss Specialty Show, our female Harmonie de Marais Champagne was awarded BOS.  


In addition to our breeding program, I am very active in the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Switzerland . I have served as the president of the breeding committee since 2005, with responsibility for the studbook, shows judges, evaluating dogs for behavior, and serving as a consultant for breeders.  I am the club contact for the health committee, and we collaborate and work with scientists in their research to improve the quality and health for the breed.  I am also a member of the central committee (Board) of the Bernese Mountain dog Club of Switzerland.

I am a certified FCI judge with upcoming assignments in Norway in June 2020, in Canada in August  and France in October 2020.  I have also judged multiple international shows in Switzerland, and the Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog Show in 2018








Klasės / Classes:

Šuniukų klasė – nuo 4 iki 6 mėnesių
Baby class – from 4 till 6 months
Mažylių klasė – nuo 6 iki 9 mėnesių
Puppy class – from 6 till 9 months
Jaunimo klasė – nuo 9 iki 18 mėnesių
Junior class – from 9 till 18 months
Pereinama klasė – nuo 15 iki 24 mėnesių
Intermediate class – from 15 till 24 months
Atvira klasė – nuo 15 mėnesių
Open class – from 15 months
Čempionų klasė – nuo 15 mėnesių
(pateikus čempiono diplomo kopiją)
Champion class – from 15 months
(only with champion diploma certificate)
Veteranų klasė – nuo 8 metų
Veteran class – from 8 years

Titulai / titles: 


Kl.JN - Klubo jaunimo nugalėtojas / Club junior winner

LT CAC - Kandidatas į Lietuvos grožio čempionus / Candidate to Lithuanian champion
Kl. N – Klubo nugalėtojas / Club winner

Kl. VN – Klubo veteranų nugalėtojas / Club veteran winner
BOS - Geriausias kitos lyties atstovas / Best of opposite sex
BOB - Veislės nugalėtojas / Best of breed


Parodoje vyks "Vaikas ir šuo", porų, reproduktoriu bei veislynų konkursai. 

Konkursas „Vaikas ir šuo“ yra nemokamas, registracija vyks parodos vietoje.

„Child and Dog“, Best Brace, Best Progeny and Best Kennel competitions will be held at the show
Competition „Child and Dog“ is free of charge, registration will be held at the show place. 


55°54'16" N 21°03'46" E
Kempingas /
Vytauto g. 16 / Vytauto str. 16
LT-00160 Palanga
Lithuanian swiss mountain dog club


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