14/06/2019 - 16/06/2019  
European Dog Show (EDS 2019) & Austrian Winner Austria

Welcome to Austria in the  heart of Europe !!!

List of Judges updated - 10/01/2019 






Only dogs are permitted, which are registered in a FCI-approved pedigree or register, resp., and have achieved

the minimum age of 6 months. The data in the registration form have to be entered in a legible manner.

Registrations not filled in completely, or for which the required copies (pedigree, proof of payment, champion

certificate, FCI working dog certificate) are missing, are not accepted.

Cropped or docked dogs born after 1st January 2008 can't be exhibited in Austria!

The exhibiting of dogs with tortured breeding characteristics (for example dogs with difficulty in

breathing, hairless dogs with a strong tooth outnumbered or toothless) is prohibited!

48°09'00" N 14°01'12" E
Wels Exhibition centre!
Messepl. 1
4600 Wels
Email: [email protected] Telefono:


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