11/05/2024 - 12/05/2024  
Timisoara Traditional Trophy - 2 x CAC + 2 x CACIB Romania

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Timisoara Traditional Trophy 2024



57th CAC I - Timisoara Traditional Trophy
62th CACIB I - Timisoara Traditional Trophy

58th CAC II - Timisoara Traditional Trophy
63th CACIB II - Timisoara Traditional Trophy


Location: Muzeul Satului Banatean 

Timișoara 300136, Str. Avram Imbroane 1,

GPS: 45.777232,21.266078

Entry is through Gate 2


Registrations for Timisoara Traditional Trophy 2024 can only be done online, including special competitions (junior handler, pairs, breeding group/progeny). Entries are accepted ONLY until  deadline 05/03/2024, no extra entries can be made. Dogs once registered can not be withdrawn and/or exchanged for another dog. Exception applies in case of illness or death of the registered dog (with veterinary certificate). Changing classes after deadline is not possible. There is no waiting list on which the organizer can place you. 

 The dog is registered ONLY after paying the participation fee, which will be done ONLY on the registrations platform. After registering the dog, you have 5 days to pay the registration, in case of non-payment the registration is NOT VALID.

Each class gets CAC title (junior, intermediate, open, working, champion, veteran).


  • Judging will be in timeslots;
  • 11.05.2024 CAC I start at 9.00 & CACIB I start at 13.00;
  • 12.05.2024 CAC II start at 9.00 & CACIB II start at 13.00;
  • For registration in Minor Puppy the dog must have minimum 4 months old;
  • ONLY in CAC shows, the Very Promissing I in Puppy Class from each sex will compete also for Best Male/Best Female;
  • Full digital ring administration and free online catalog;
  • Changes in judges panel can be done without notice;
  • Moving a dog to another show is not allowed;
  • By registering the dog, I declare that I accept the processing of personal data GDPR - UE 679/2016 and the competition regulations A.Ch.R. and F.C.I.;
  • In case that the show must be cancelled, all registrations will be refunded minus 10% to cover the costs.


  • in CAC, Jr. BOG & BOG will be selected in the breed rings after breeds judging;
  • in CACIB, the selection will be done in the main ring;
  • BIS CAC will be done after the judging of CACIB rings;
  • for Supreme BIS will compete ALL the Jr. BIS and BIS winners from all 4 competitions.

VETERINARY REGULATIONS: Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT and must respect the UE regulations, veterinary certificate for docked tail/ears.

Your dog can become Romanian Champion!

  • 2 x CACJ - any Jr. Champion dog of another country FCI becomes Romanian Junior Champion!
  • 3 x CACJ (one of them in CACIB) - any Junior dog becomes Romanian Junior Champion!
  • 2 x CAC - any Champion dog of another country FCI becomes Romanian Champion!
  • 3 x CAC (one of them in CACIB) - dog becomes Romanian Champion!
  • 3 x CACL (one of them in CACIB) - dog becomes Romanian Champion Cum Laude! (Grand Champion)
  • 2 x CACV - (one of them in CACIB) - dog becomes Romanian Veteran Champion!



45°46'37" N 21°15'57" E
Muzeul Satului Banatean
str. Avram Imbroane, nr. 1
300136 Timisoara
Timis Kennel Club


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