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Last deadline: midnight 7/05/2024

Judges: Minor puppies, puppies, veterans and fun class will be judged by Wim Wellens. The other classes by Gerda Halff-van Boven.

More information or questions: or [email protected]

On Sunday 19 May, the NCDH's annual championship club match will take place. We hereby invite everyone to apply for this beautiful show. We are proud to present two national breed specialists to judge our breed this day. We hope to welcome many exhibitors! As an extra addition to the regular classes and groups, it is also possible to sign up for the fun class, the child-dog show and junior handling at other options.




08:00 - Site open

08:15 - Secretariat open

09:30 - Start of show


Fun class

Entry for dogs with head spots/plates, blue eyes or other reasons why they cannot normally enter a dog show (pedigree dogs only). Judging including judging report and ranking but no qualification.

Child-dog show

The Kind-Dog show is for the youngest among us who want to show a dog for fun sometime. We would like to encourage children to get acquainted with the show now. In an accessible and fun way, the children can enter the ring (possibly dressed up) together with their DAL buddy. To ensure everyone's safety, mum or dad will enter the ring with them.

Junior Handling competition

Junior Handling is competition practice in the responsible and expert presentation of a purebred dog, a form of sport with dogs. Junior Handling is designed for children aged 10-17 years.

Taking part in group judging

There are 3 types of group judging you can participate in:

- Couple class - Dog and bitch of the same breed/variety and from the same owner.

- Breeding class - 3 to 5 dogs of the same breed/variety/breeder, possibly from different owners.

- Progeny class - Dog or bitch with at least 3 to 5 offspring from the 1st generation.

To participate in the above groups, all dogs must be registered for regular judging.


- Free online catalogue;

- With other options, you can order a paper catalogue for 5 euros;

- Judging includes report, qualification and possible award of a double CAC, Clubwinner'24

- Camping facilities (reservation required, be quick there is only limited space)

- If the show has to be cancelled, the entry fee will be refunded

Explanation CAC

- In the Netherlands, you can become veteran champion or youth champion by getting 1 Excellent 3 times at 3 shows.

- Dutch veteran champion / youth champion get 1 CAC for the Dutch title.

- You need 4 CAC to become Dutch champion.

- At the annual club show, you can win 2x CAC for best male and best bitch.

- Best of show also gets the title "Clubwinner'24".

- All dogs and bitches with 1 Excellent in their classes (except Baby, Puppy) may compete in the best dog and best bitch competition. The winners of these classes participate in the BIS final.

Any questions about the show? Please contact us at [email protected] 

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Het Kooike 2
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