Belgian Asian Hound Club for Afghans and Salukis Belgium

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Specialty Clubshow with CAC
For Afghans and Salukis

Ring limit activated - Max 80 dogs by judge

Outdoor Show

Afghans:  Mrs. Agnes Della Rocca (IT)
Salukis: Mr Roberto Forsoni (IT)

Ingang honden vanaf 9.00 uur

5 euros discount for BAHC members

Voor de volgende klas J,I,O,E,T,C. 

1st Deadline : 16/07/2024
Final deadine: 23/07/2024


  • In case of the show must be cancelled subscription will be refunded minus 6,05%. This will be used to pay all the expenses, such as bank costs.
  • No registrations will be accepted after the final deadline

Respect our regulations, pay respect by giving space to others. 
Working together can make these shows special and unforgettable.


50°46'36" N 03°53'04" E
Stedelijk Sportstadium "Adriaansstadium"
zonnebloemstraat 5
9500 Geraardsbergen


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