27/05/2022 - 29/05/2022  
Hrušica - Lesce (CAC) + CH of CH + Breed specialties + Bled - I and II (CACIB) all breeds Slovenia

CAC Hrušica - Lesce 2022 Show Results Open Catalog
Champion of Champions 2022 Open Catalog
Bled I 2022 + CRUFTS Show Results Open Catalog
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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the jubilee Centenary show of the Slovenian kennel club - Slovenian Cynological Association - located in Slovenian natural gem Lake Bled.

Friday 27/05/2022

CAC Hrušica - Lesce
afternoon - Champion of Champions*

Saturday 28/05/2022

CACIB Bled I + CRUFTS 2023 Qualifications
InTerra Winner Show 2022
afternoon -  CAC Specialties

Sunday 29/05/2022

afternoon -  CAC Specialties

*Champion of Champions Rules
Specialty Shows


Attention: Dogs with docked tails and cropped ears can be entered. They will be judged together with dogs with natural tails and ears. This rule applies only to the shows during Centenary shows Bled 2022.

Information regarding show weekend in Lesce: 

  • Mobile homes: it is not allowed to spend the night with motorhomes at the airport parking lot (;
  • If KZS cancels the exhibition, the amount of the registration fee will be reduced by € 10 for administrative costs;
  • The catalog will be only online;
  • Preventive measures by government regulations must be performed during the show;
  • The parking fee is 5 EUR per car per day, the entry fee for visitors (older than 10 years) is 5 EUR (exhibitors have free entry - 1 dog is 1 free person).


Respect our regulation, by respecting the personal space of others.
Only if we work together, we can make these shows special and unforgettable again. 



46°21'41" N 14°10'17" E
Airport Lesce
Begunjska cesta 10
4248 Lesce
Kinološka Zveza Slovenije


Registrations for this show are closed at this time.

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