Dalmatian Specialty (KCM 2xCAC) Netherlands

Dalmatian Specialty (KCM 2xCAC) Show Results Open Catalog

Dalmatian Specialty

Duch Club for Dalmatinan

Final deadline:
midnight 14/05/2022

Mr. Oleg Fintora (SK) - dogs
Mrs. Ludmila Fintorova (SK) - bitches

More info: 

On Sunday May 29th, the last day of our 75th anniversary weekend, the NCDH Dalmatian Specialty will take place! We hereby invite everyone to register for this special day. We are honored that two breed specialists from Slovakia, couple known from the Plum Pudding kennel, are willing to come and judge our breed on this day and so we hope for many registrations. In addition to the regular classes and groups, this year it is also possible to register for the fun class, a child/dog show and junior handling (Reservation needed at [email protected] )!


08:00 hr. - Show Ground and secretariat open
09:30 hr. - Beginning of judgment

  • Free digital catalogue;
  • Paper catalog can be requested for free with your registration;
  • Judging including judgment report. Possibility to gain a double CAC;
  • Possibilities for camping (reservation needed at [email protected] )
  • Corona measures according to government regulations at the time of the exhibition;
  • When the show has to be cancelled because of Covid we will reïmburse the entry fee minus !.5% to cover the admin costs.

Fun class
Entry for dogs with patches, blue eyes of other reasons why they normally can't participate in a dogshow (pedigree dogs only) Judgment including judgment report and rankink but no qualification.

Any questions about the show, about the anniversary weekend or the entry? Please contact us at [email protected] 

51°47'25" N 05°12'06" E
Dogcenter Zaltbommel
Jan Stuversdreef 4
5315NZ Kerkwijk (Gelderland)
Nederlandse Club voor Dalmatische Honden


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