Bull Terrier - Dr. Cohen Memorial Trophy / Jongehondendag / Clubmatch Netherlands

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Dr. Cohen Memorial Trophy

Jongehondendag & Clubmatch N.B.T.C.


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Rules in case of Covid is still active at the date of the show

  • Full digital ring administration and free online catalog;
  • Judging according time schedule ;
  • Exhibitors are welcome 30 minutes before and have to leave the show ground within 30 minutes after their judging;
  • When bodytemperature is above 38 degrees, no entrance to the showground
  • Visitors are not allowed - 1 Dog = 1 Person;
  • Mouth masks are mandatory on  the showground;
  • The organization reserves the right to cancel or alter the main ring program;
  • Preventive measures according to government regulations at the time of the exhibition;
  • In case of the show must be cancelled subscription will be refunded minus 6.05%. This 6.05% will be used to pay all the expenses, such as bank costs.


 Respect our regulations, pay respect by giving space to others. 
Working together can make these shows special and unforgettable.

52°09'48" N 04°27'20" E
DTS Schiedam
Parkweg 412a
3121 KK Schiedam


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