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American Staffordshire Terrier Club Belgium (kkush 1034)
Clubmatch – Match de Championnat du Club 

Judge/Juge : Ms Hana Brezinova (CZ)


!!! Attention !!!

In the event hall following rules have to be applied by the participants:

ü Chairs and tables are available in the event hall, own tables and chairs are not allowed! (except grooming tables)

ü Consuming own food and drinks is forbidden.
At the bar the following drinks and foods are available against democratic prizes:

o   Coffee, all soft drinks, beer, wine

o   Sandwiches (in the morning)

o   Soup, toast, pancakes, hamburgers  (afternoon)

50°55'48" N 04°38'24" E
Parochiaal Centrum
Mechelsesteenweg 1090
3020 Winksele-Delle


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