20/09/2019 - 22/09/2019  
Swiss Mountain Dog - Palanga Cup + Sennenfest’19 Derby show + Seminars Lithuania

Swiss Mountain Dog Specialty - Palanga Cup Show Results Open Catalog
Swiss Mountain Dog - Sennenfest’19 Derby show Open Catalog

We would like to invite you to legendary weekend for the sennehund owners of the year!
In the autumn, on the 20-22th of September, International sennenhund festival “Sennenfest” will take place! We have planned seminars, discussions, meetings, picnics and “Derby show” during the fest.

Famous breeders will select and nominate “Sennenfest” winners.

Derby show date - 21.09.2019, Judges: Susan & Ivan Delrue, Dalmi Sirabo and Lilian Ostermiller.

Along with other activities during “Sennenfest”, on 21st of September, club is organizing autumn specialized show where judge will be a very famous sennenhund expert from Switzerland – Regula Bürgi (Appenzeller, Berner and grosser schweizer senenhund). Entlebucher senenhunds will be judged by Erikas Piskunovas.

Classes in club show Palanga cup:

Baby class – from 4 till 6 months
Puppy class – from 6 till 9 months
Junior class – from 9 till 18 months
Intermediate class – from 15 till 24 months
Open class – from 15 months
Champion class – from 15 months (only with champion diploma certificate)
Veteran class – from 8 years

Titles in club show Palanga cup:

Kl. JW - club junior winner
LT CAC - candidate to Lithuanian champion
Kl. W - club winner
Kl.VW - club veteran winner
BOS - best of opposite sex
BOB - best of breed
Child and Dog, Best Brace, and Best Kennel competitions will be held at the Palanga cup show.

Prices for Palanga cup:

Till 06-01 – 30 euros
Till 08-01 – 40 euros
Till 09-01 – 50 euros
-50 % discount for babies, puppies and veterans

Classes in Sennefest’19 Derby show:

Puppies – from 4 till 9 months
Juniors – from 9 till 24 months
Adults – from 24 months
Veterans – from 7 years

Titles in Sennenfest’19 Derby show (all these titles are not official):

Best Derby puppy
Best Derby veteran
Best Derby junior
Best Derby adult
BOB Derby (points from all classes are taken into consideration except puppy classes)

Prices for Sennefest‘19 Derby show:

Till 06-01 – 30 euros
Till 08-01 – 40 euros
Till 09-01 – 50 euros
-50 % discount for babies, puppies and veterans


Friday 20.00 Welcome party (25 euros per person)


9.00 – 13.00 Club show Palanga Cup
14.00 – 19.00 Sennenfest’19 Derby show
20.00 Judges dinner (25 euros per person)


10.00 – 16.00 Seminars (30 euros per person)

55°55'15" N 21°03'54" E
Jūratės g. 13
LT-00134 Palanga
Šveicarų zenenhundų mylėtojų klubas


Registrations for this show are closed at this time.


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