28/01/2023 - 29/01/2023  
Timisoara Winter Trophy - 1xCAC, 2xCACIB, CH of CH, TOP DOG Romania

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Timisoara Winter Trophy 2023


54th CAC - Timisoara Winter Trophy
56th CACIB I - Timisoara Winter Trophy

29. 01. 2023
57th CACIB II - Timisoara Winter Trophy
Turneul Campionilor -  Champion of Champions
Ceremonia TOP DOG of THE YEAR 2022

Entries for Timisoara Winter Trophy 2023 are limited to 500 dogs/ show (CAC, CACIB and Champion of Champions). Entries will be accepted until we reach the limit number, after that the registrations will be closed and it will not be possible to enter for this shows. Dogs once registered can not be withdrawn and/or exchanged for another dog. Exception applies in case of illness or death of the registered dog (with veterinary certificate). Changing classes after registration have been closed is not possible. There is no waiting list on which the organizer can place you. 

BEST IN SHOW RULES  In CAC - FCI Group winners (BOG) will be selected in the breed rings after breeds judging, in CACIB and Champion of Champions will be selected in the main ring .

In the Champion of Champion Tournament can be entered any dog that has obtained a Champion certificate (junior, senior, grand). This competition is also opened to those dogs that have obtained the FCI International Beauty Champion certificate, as well as for those that have become champions (Junior Ch, Ch, Grand Ch) of an FCI member country and also European or/and World Winner (Junior Eu.W, Eu.W, Junior Wd.W, Wd.W). There will be taken into consideration only those certificates issued before the latest closing date for entries.

The title “Best Champion in Breed 2023”

VETERINARY REGULATIONS: Dogs from abroad must have a PET PASSPORT and must respect the UE regulations.


  • Judging will be in timeslots;
  • Full digital ring administration and free online catalog;
  • The catalog will be only online;
  • Breed judges can be altered without notice;
  • Moving a dog to another show is not allowed;
  • By registering the dog, I declare that I accept the processing of personal data GDPR - UE 679/2016.
  • In case of the show must be cancelled all the subscriptions will be refunded minus 8 % to cover the costs.

45°50'42" N 21°10'28" E
Sport Hall
R5WF+2R Sânandrei
307375 Sanandrei


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