23/08/2023 - 27/08/2023  
World Dog Show 2023 + Grand prix de Genève + Specialties Switzerland

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World dog show 2023 Geneva

Grand Prix de Genève

 Grand prix de Genève 

Wednesday 23.08.2023 - CACIB Show - All breeds
Limited to 5000 Dogs

World dog show - CACIB Show

Thursday 24.08.2023 - FCI Groups 1-4-6
Friday 25.08.2023 - FCI Groups 3-7-8
Saturday 26.08.2023 - FCI Groups 2-10
Sunday 27.08.2022 - FCI Groups 5-9

Specialties connected to the wds

24.08.2023 InTerra 

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  • Dogs with docked tails and/or ears are not allowed to the WDS.
  • Cancellations are no longer possible. The cancellation period has already expired.
  • Changing dogs is not permitted during the prolongation of the registration (23/06/2023)
  • Dogs who are not entered at one of the shows are not allowed on the showground (No visiting dogs allowed)
  • Regulations of the WDS - Click here
  • Minor Puppy Class (correctly inoculated puppies up to 6 months)

46°13'48" N 06°07'12" E
Route François-Peyrot 30
1218 Genève
Société Vaudoise de Cynologie


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