Brabants Rashondenfestival Netherlands

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Brabants Rashondenfestival

Final deadline: 30/08/2022


Mieke Jansen-Kalshoven (NL)
Tuus Adrichem Boogaert-Kwint (NL)
Myriam Arends (NL)
Ilona Lodders (NL)

ClubMatch - No CAC Show



08.30 hr. - Entry of dogs
10.00 hr. - Beginning of the Show

Informatie / Information
  • Gratis online catalogus / Free digital catalogue;
  • Main ring only for BOB;
  • Prevention and corona measures according to government regulations at the time of the exhibition;
  • When the show has to be cancelled because of Covid we will reïmburse the entry fee minus 8,5 %.

51°38'39" N 05°00'51" E
KV Waalwijk
Baan 19
5171NC Kaatsheuvel
Brabants Rashondenfestival


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