04/12/2021 - 05/12/2021  
Wieze - 41e Internationale CAC Dogshow Belgium

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Kynologische Vereniging Nievel Kapel 41ste internationale CAC
tentoonstelling Ter Hopstreek te WIEZE
All Breed CAC SHOW
(KKUSH Nr.711)

4 & 5 december 2021

Titels: Hopprins(es) – Hopkoning(in) - Hopkeizer(in)
Aandenken voor elke deelnemer / Souvenir pour chaque participant

Oktoberhallen, Schroverstraat te Wieze (op 4 km van Aalst)



Rules in case of Covid is still active at the date of the show

  • Full digital ring administration and free online catalog;
  • Covid European pass mandatory or PCR test with a QR European QR code less than 72h
  • Preventive measures according to government regulations at the time of the exhibition;
  • In case of the show must be cancelled subscription will be refunded - 10 euros per dog
  • Entrees for visitors and extra dogs can be bought at the show

50°58'40" N 04°04'48" E
9280 Wieze
Kynologische Vereniging Nievel Kapel


Schrijf uw honden in voor deze show, bestel toegangskaarten, enz.

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