16/03/2019 - 17/03/2019  
Schaal Der Kempen (Weelde) Belgium

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The weekend of March 16 and 17, 2019 the Koninklijke Kempische Kynologenclub VZW Turnhout will once again organize their annual dog show commonly known as Schaal der Kempen.

The wide exhibition halls will be filled up with large numbers of men’s loyal four legged friend, the dog and their handler. Both only having one aim in mind looking at their best and winning the trophy Best In Show (BIS).  

The participants often come from countries other than ours. Yearly we welcome participants coming from Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy ... . The fact that we can welcome, year by year, large numbers of foreign exhibitors should tell something about the good reputation we have built up throughout the years. In order to keep things interesting for the exhibitors we make sure that we invite a lot of judges from various countries. They differ year by year. Last year we had judges coming over from Portugal, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, etc. just to name a few. 




13/03 Due illnes of Mrs Ahern Claire Ann all dogs will be judge now by Mrs Bailey Marie .

Due illnes of Mr P. Scanlon some changes were made in our judge shedule.

- Mr Finney Tim > Pug
- Butler Marie > Bulldog
- All other dogs judged by Mr Scanlon Paul will be replaced to Mme Ahern Claire Ann

- Benjamin Sanchez > Airedale-, Irish-, Irish Soft Coated Wheaten-, Kerry Blue-, Lakeland- Manchester-, Duitse Jagd-, Nihon-, Brasileiro-, Parson Russell-, Jack Russel-, Irish Glen of Imaal-, Skye-, Dandie Dinmont-, Sealyham-, Scottish-, Norwich, Australian Terriër.

51°23'53" N 04°57'35" E
Geeneinde 54
2381 Weelde


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