16th Labrador Retriever Specialty with CAC Belgium

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16th Belgian Labrador Retriever Clubshow


Judge : Maxime Woodley (UK) "Alkhamhurst"

Cadeau pour tous les participants / gift for all participants / Geschenk voor alle deelnemers 
Discount for BLRC club members : 5,00 € (except for the baby, puppy, veteran)

1st closing date 24/04/2021 - Last Call 31/05/2022

Exchange dog is not allowed

BBQ + salad bar 20€ (-12 years old :15€)

--- EXTRA --- Shopping Area ---

Doggy's & Bags - Handmade leather "labrador" items

Rules in case of Covid is still active at the date of the show :

  • Preventive measures according to government regulations at the time of the exhibition;
  • In case of the show must be cancelled subscription will be refunded minus 6,05%. This will be used to pay all the expenses, such as bank costs.

Respect our regulations, pay respect by giving space to others. 
Working together can make these shows special and unforgettable.

50°57'06" N 03°13'36" E
"Will to please"
Leenbosstraat 15
8850 Ardooie
Adresse Email: [email protected]


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