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Covid rules that will be applied in case of Covid is still relevant on the date of the show



  1. What to do if Corona measurements increase ?
    Will the protocol be adjusted? Yes, we are following government guidelines closely. If necessary, we will adjust the protocol and add the latest version as an attachment to the registration confirmation you will receive the week before the show.

  2. Will the wearing of the mouth mask be compulsory during the exhibition?
    We are following government guidelines. Therefore, wearing a mouth mask is currently mandatory. If this changes, you will be notified. 

  3. Will my data be shared with the government if Corona infections occur?
    If there is a need to share contact details as part of the government source and contact investigation, we will share the necessary data. 



  1. What if, for some reason, the exhibition cannot take place. I will then recover my registration fee?
    Yes, when canceling the exhibition, the registration fee minus 7,03 % administration fee will be automatically refunded to your account.

  2. What if there are travel restrictions (regional or international) that prevent me from going to the exhibition. Will I then get my registration fee back ?
    No, the situation of individual exhibitors will not be taken into account. 



  1. My partner and my children would love to come. Is it possible ?
    You are welcome unitl that the current COVID rules allow visitors at our show.

  2. I always have a dog at home who doesn't participate but can't stay home alone for that long. Can I take him with me ?

  3. I would like to come and see the exhibition. Is it possible ?
    You are welcome unitl that the current COVID rules allow visitors at our show.

  4. Is it possible to spend the night with my motorhome on the exhibition grounds?
    No, there is no camper van parking. The car park is closed after the show.


  1. I had hoped that another judge would judge my dog. Can i remove my dog?
    No, you cannot cancel your registration. 

  2. I have changed my mind and would rather not participate. Can I remove my dogs?
    No, you cannot cancel your registration. 

  3. I made a mistake and would still like my dog to participate but in a different class. Can I still modify my registration ?
    Yes, you can change your dog's class through your OnlineDogShows account. Onlinedogshows charges an administrative fee for this service.
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