At the show, hosts and hostesses walk around recognizable by blue vests with CREW on the back. Advice and directions from these hosts and -wives should always be followed

GENERAL RULES FOR EVERYONE (Exhibitors, visitors, exhibitors and employees)
• It is mandatory to keep 1,5 meters away.
• Everyone shows their corona admission ticket (QR code) and identification before entering the hall.
• People receive a wristband upon arrival. With this they show that they entered with a valid corona ticket. This strap is valid all day long and must be worn visibly on the wrist.
• A mouth cap is mandatory inside, unless you are sitting.
• Disinfect your hands. There are (standards with) pumps in several places.
• Follow the indicated routes for the entrance and for the exit.

• The show starts at 9:30 am.
• Exhibitors will receive a week in advance by e-mail the start time of the inspection of their dogs. They may enter the hall from 60 minutes before the inspection of the first dog they have registered.
• Owners of dogs whose breed inspection has been completed are encouraged to leave the show.
• Preparing the dogs for show in the hall itself should be kept to a minimum.
• It is mandatory to take a chair with you at your entrance in the hall.
• People are requested to only move from their seats if dogs need to be inspected, if they want to shop or use catering or toilet facilities.
• There are low benches around the rings. These serve as partitions between the rings and the walkways. It is not allowed to sit on the benches, but only on the ready chairs. These are 1,5 meters away from each other. People are required to sit along the ring.
• Set up in the ring with a distance of 1.5 meters
• The judge only has contact with the dog to be judged, but with no person in the ring. The judge judges the dogs in the normal way. He qualifies the dogs and places them. A short and concise inspection report is written.
• Physical contacts are avoided. No hands are shaken during the placements and no photos are taken, this to prevent people from not complying with the distance criterion.


• Exhibitors ensure that their stand is adapted in accordance with the corona measures in force at that time. The organization of the show will test this on Friday evening. If necessary, adjustments are ordered.

Update 27/01/2022


Show confirmed
Covid needs will be communicate with the entry card



Dogshow Eindhoven 2022
Update January 15, 2022

Dear exhibitors

In the press conference of January 14, 2022, the government has not yet given the green light for holding events. It was indicated, however, that further decisions regarding the reopening of catering, cinemas, theaters and events will be announced on January 25, 2022.

With moderate optimism we will continue with the preparations for Dogshow Eindhoven 2022 in a slimmed-down form, so without main ring and the like. At the show, everyone must take into account Covid measures such as QR codes, mouth caps, etc. No later than 1 week before the show, it will be announced which measures will apply to the show. Everyone should also take into account that the show can be canceled at the last minute due to a government decision.

With effect from today, registrations will be reopened at least until January 25, 2022. Whether registration is possible after that depends on the decision of the government. If the government still decides that the show may not take place, exhibitors will receive their registration fee back after deduction of 5% for the costs of payment transactions.

As soon as we know more, we will announce this as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our Facebook page @dogshoweindhoven and the website

The board of Dogshow Eindhoven.