07/08/2021 - 08/08/2021  
46e Pinkstershow Gorinchem & Pinkstershow Breed Specialties Netherlands

46e Pinkstershow Gorinchem Show Results Open Catalog

Covid Condities


  1. No visitors are allowed in the Evenementenhal. (1 dog = 1 person);

  2. Judgments are in a morning and afternoon program;

  3. No Covid-19 check: No corona check will be carried out on arrival and you will not be asked for a negative test certificate. However, all exhibitors must meet the health check requirements;

  4. In the Evenementenhal, wearing a mouth cap is mandatory if you are not sitting in your own bubble;

  5. Exhibitors must respect the “Access to the show” time stated on the admission ticket (30 min before the class inspection). If you have registered 2 dogs, you can enter with your 2 dogs at the first time;

  6. Each ring has a number of reserved bubbles per ring;

  7. All exhibitors must bring their own chair;

  8. Upon arrival, exhibitors must immediately go to a bubble near their inspection ring. This will be strictly supervised by the supervisors of the organization;
  9. Exhibitors must wear their Judment  Number visibly at all times in the hall, in order to enable inspection;

  10. The 30 minutes before the inspection may only be used to prepare the dog for show, to walk the dog or to go to the toilet yourself. Furthermore, exhibitors are absolutely not allowed to leave their ring bubble;

  11. Exhibitors must leave the Evenementenhal 60 minutes after their last inspection. In the 60 minutes after the inspection, the exhibitors are allowed to visit the shops;

  12. Exhibitors are not allowed to visit an exhibitor friend in another ring bubble;

  13. The shops are located in a protected area, where only one-way traffic is allowed;

  14. There is an entrance and exit for the Shops route where the number of people in the exhibitors route will be monitored;

  15. There are no catering facilities in the Evenementenhal, but you can buy take-away coffee for the road when you leave the hall.

Covid rules :

  • Judging will be in timeslots;
  • Closure of the ring when the maximum has been reached;
  • Exhibitors are welcome 30 minutes before and have to leave the show ground 60 min after their judging;
  • There will be no Main ring;
  • Visitors are not allowed - 1 Dog = 1 Person;
  • Mouth masks are mandatory in the halls;
  • There will be no Covid check control;
  • Exhibitor are obliged to stay in the ring bubble and need to have a chair;
  • No catering at the show ground.


Respect our regulations, pay respect by giving space to others.
Working together can make these shows special and unforgettable. 

KC Arnhem en Omstreken


Registrations for this show are closed at this time.