Subscriptions rules

1. Registration

Entries for the Dog Show are only possible thru the website Onlinedogshows!
A photocopy of the pedigree, a photocopy of champion certificate for champion class, and a working certificate for working class must be enclosed.
The organizer reserves the right to rearrange the dog in the correct class!

2. Registration fee payments

Registration fee payments are only possible through the Onlinedogshows website with the dog registrations for the show.
All entries must be done thru the website Onlinedogshows and paid till the end of the last deadline. Entries that will not be paid, will be automatically deleted.
Payments or extra entry on a day of the show or after the last deadline is not possible!

3. Change of class

Adjustment of a class is possible ONLY via the registration page by yourself. For this, you will need to pay a fee of part 10€.
The adjustment will be taken into account only when the fee is paid. The adjustment of a class is allowed until the final deadline.

4. Change of dog

Entered dogs cannot be changed by another dog in any case.

5. Cancellation of registration - Refund of the registration fee

Cancellation of registration or the refund of the registration fee can only be made in the following cases and to the closing date of entries:
- if the exhibitor or dog is unable to participate in the show due to medical reasons (exhibitor's medical certificate or veterinary certificate for the dog),
- if the dog is temporarily unable to participate in the show (veterinary certificate),
- if the dog has died (veterinary certificate) or
- if the organizer cancels the event for any reason.

Withdrawals received 10 days prior to the deadline of a show may be eligible for a refund of the paid amount. Refunds will be issued by proof of written notification accompanied by either a veterinary or medical certificate. Return of the entry fee is reduced by 10€ per dog per show for administrative cost and 1€ for the additional options. Refund requests submitted 10 days or less before closing or after the deadline of the show are not possible in any case. Also, it is not possible to refund the fee after the show has taken place.

6. Judges list

The organizer reserves the right to change the judge list at any time.

7. Cropped ears and docked tails

Dogs with cropped ears and/or docked tails, born after 01.01.2015, cannot participate in shows in Slovenia, except dogs with only docked tails for medical reasons. When the latter is used, a veterinary confirmation must be attached to the entry and as well presented to the Judge in the ring on the Show itself.



8. Breeds recognized on a provisional basis

Provisionally recognized FCI breeds until they are definitively recognized are eligible for the CAC title and the FCI titles. In addition, pedigrees issued to dogs of these breeds must bear the FCI logo.

9. Unrecognized breeds

Unrecognized FCI breeds may participate at the show and are eligible for the CAC title, but cannot compete for FCI Best of Group titles or any other FCI titles.



10. Breeds recognized on a provisional basis & unrecognized breeds

We would like to remind you of the fact that the breeds that are NOT recognized by the FCI and the breeds that are recognized by the FCI on a PROVISIONAL basis are not eligible for the CACIB title.

11. Breeds recognized on a provisional basis

FCI breeds recognized on a provisional basis are not eligible for the CACIB (only CAC) until they are recognized on a definitive basis, but are eligible for the FCI titles. In addition, pedigrees issued to dogs of these breeds must bear the FCI logo.

12. Unrecognized breeds

The breeds that are not recognized by the FCI are not eligible for the CACIB title, but are eligible for the CAC title and cannot compete for Best of Group titles or any other FCI titles.


Show regulations

All the shows will be under the FCI and Slovenian shows regulations:

FCI show regulations

Slovenian show regulations

FCI Guidelines for World and Section Junior Handling Competitions

FCI Junior Handling Study Manual  


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Data exchange

Upon confirmed registration to a show (paid or not), we will transfer all registration information to the show organizer and/or the national Kennel Club of the organizer. The registration information includes information about the dog(s) (name, pedigree, birth date, parents, copies of pedigree and other certificates, etc), the dog's breeder and co-owner (names) and owner (name and contact information), the registration (registration time, class, registration fee).

When adding a new dog in the system we may also consult partner databases to retrieve information about the dog, the owner(s) and breeder(s).
Currently, we may consult databases of the following partners: Société Centrale Canine (France).


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For general conditions and terms applying to registrations to shows, please see the General Conditions on the show page.


Paying through Onlinedogshows discharges you from the requirement to pay at the event organizer.

All payments are handled by one of our payment service providers which are, depending of show and currency, MANGOPAY, MULTISAFEPAY and PAY PAL.

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